Nancy Welch Mediation Services

Mediation is a rather unique process used to resolve conflict. It might be a dispute over money (usually is) or principle, something someone has said or done that someone else thinks is unfair.

In the Mediation process, the person who has not been treated fairly in their mind and their lawyer sit down at a small table across from the person thought to have done the unfair act and their lawyer. The 5th person is the host, the neutral party, the person with no dog in the race or fight, the mediator!

Sitting around a table with a neutral party to help the problem solving process, anything is possible. We band together against the problem because within every problem lies the solution. This is mediation. No longer us against them but all of us against the problem that, if not resolved, could be very costly in terms of relationships, reputation, financial gains and losses and a host of other possibilities.

The encouraging fact is that over 90% of all cases that are mediated are resolved and do not go on to the court. Mediation has really saved the courts that were dying of strangulation. My hope is that you will never have a conflict that will require intervention for resolution. But my instincts tell me that either in your professional or your personal life there is a strong possibility that you will. If you do have an unresolved issue, I hope you will consider mediation as a means of resolution.

Nancy Welch is a Civil Mediator. If you would like more information about mediation or to engage Nancy’s services, please Contact Nancy.

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