Ringing the Bells at Christmas

Nancy Ringing the Bell

Nancy Ringing the Bell

What is more exciting than to ring bells at Christmas? This is certainly what happened to me on Tuesday when I was able to ring the bell at the Gibbs Cancer Center notifying everyone within earshot that I had completed my chemotherapy or as the nurses shouted, “we have a graduate!” How cool is that? All of the attendants were also blowing horns and gave me balloons and it was quite a celebration as I rang the huge brass bell. I wanted to break out in song and sing the Hallelujah chorus but felt that might not be appropriate! This was such an uplifting event and I didn’t realize just how much it would mean to me. To know that almost a year of treatments are behind me and I am still standing. This could have only happened through the support, love and prayers of my friends, church and whole community that have been pulling me through this ordeal. I thank you all from the bottom of a very grateful heart.

This last phase of the journey through the cancer treatments has been spread over the last 24 weeks which sounds like a long time and it is. However, having treatments every other week has also been a great blessing. In between treatments I have been able to gather strength and energy to press on to the next week.

Since losing my hair, I have had the fun of wearing wigs. I have a couple of them that I change out and Wanda Hightower keeps me looking spiffy all the time. I say I am wearing my Chinese hair and people look at the blonde locks and say, “Chinese?” Well, the tag says, “made in China,” so I call it my Chinese hair! I am told my hair should begin returning in about six weeks. We will see.
I still have numbness in my toes and ends of fingers, very much like frost bite, I think. My throat is still very cold sensitive and I have to order drinks with no ice. Waiters must think I am from the North! Sleep at night is still a challenge but naps in the daytime are perfect. I am sure all of these little side effects will soon be a thing of the past. That is why I am writing about them in case I forget they were ever present. I will have surgery in the New Year but I am told the worst is over.

What a great Christmas this is going to be. My tree is up, gifts are under the tree, the stairs are draped in garlands, the mantel is decorated with gold trees and garlands, the tables are dressed for the Christmas dinner, wreaths are on the doors, candles in the windows and all is right with the world of Greer. This will be a Christmas to go down in my book of memories. Jesus came into the world to save us and He has truly saved me. Thanks be to God. Merry Christmas to all.