On July 4, 2015, I realized that something was wrong with me! For one thing, I was turning yellow. My skin itched and the whites of my eyes were yellow. I was put in the hospital and they did an MRI on my liver. The MRI revealed that my liver was the problem. They removed a calculus that was malignant. In August, they did surgery to make me a new bile duct. After three months and many PET and CT scans, another tumor was detected in my liver. In March 2016, spots were detected in both lungs and liver. This time surgery was not an option. There were too many tumors and they were all too small.

In April, 2016, They put my port back so that I could again receive chemotherapy. I began chemo on April 25, 2016. In June, 2016, they gave me a break from the chemo. A PET scan revealed that the chemo was working. That was very good news! I will have another PET scan in September 2016 to see what the tumors look like after some time off. My hair is growing back but only about a half of an inch long, but that is progress! I will lose it again when I start back on the chemo probably the middle of September.

I have felt good during this break which gives me hope that I will feel good again. So I am not dreading starting back on the chemo. The doctor has not said how long the treatment will be this time but whatever it is will be ok. I am ready to get back to it and kick this thing once and for all!