January 2012, began with great anticipation about having my colostomy reversed. I had to have several tests to clear me for the surgery. The main concern was that the surgeon wanted to be sure that the colon had healed. Good idea! In February I was cleared for the surgery. I was in the hospital for seven days during which time we were waiting for the plumbing to get back to normal after having been dormant for almost a year.

After leaving the hospital, I hoped to return to a normal life. Actually, I guess you could say, I have returned to a new normal. Once you have colon issues, nothing is ever exactly as it was before! I did, however, learn to live with this new normal and have been able to resume an active life with very few hitches. The main issue is planning to do something or go somewhere and having an attack of diarrhea. Those with chronic colon problems are use to this.

2012 was a good year until October. During a routine CT scan, a tumor was detected in my liver. We did a biopsy and it was decided that it should be removed. In January 2013, the surgeons removed the tumor, a piece of my liver, my gall bladder, and repaired a hernia all at the same time! In April, I had a CT scan and a small tumor was detected in my right lung. We waited to see it in July and when it had increased in size, we decided to remove it. In October, the tumor and a section of my right lung were removed robotically! I was out of the hospital and home in three days. Again, no additional chemotherapy was required.

It is now June 2014 and I have a CT scan or a PET scan every three months. The April CT was fine and I am hoping the July PET scan will also be fine. I am living as normal as possible between scans in hopes that nothing else pops up. If it does, we will take it as it comes. Life is good. God is good.