As the song says, “June is busting out all over!” I’ve never been quite sure what that meant, but I can go along with it because it sounds like the way we feel. Right here in Greer, the wonderful June fruits and vegetables are busting out everywhere…View Article

Some things never go out of style like passing on family things to the next generation, wonderful memories of fine people we loved and miss, and comfort food that is perfect for Mother’s Day as we remember our friends and our own mothers…View Article

This year, April has us celebrating before we even realize that March is gone! The spring flowers have bloomed, Palm Sunday and the start of The Masters will be completed within the first week of April, and now Easter and the conclusion of The Masters will finish up on the second Sunday of the month. Whew! I’m tired, and we have just gotten started…..View Article

Once in awhile you run into a person that has a great idea. Once in awhile that great idea really turns into something wonderful. The Greer Family Festival was the vision of Martha King LaFoy. This year Greer will celebrate 25 years of Martha’s vision and what a wonderful vision it was and is today…View Article

March is Women’s History Month so I want to give you several recipes that are one-dish meals so that you can prepare them ahead of time, put it in the freezer over the weekend, and pull one out each night for dinner….View Article


To kick off the New Year, I received an e-mail from a male reader of this column who suggested an idea that gave birth to this month’s theme. He suggested that I give some thought to paring food with wine and also wine with good cigars! All of that sounded to me like a great way to begin the New Year . . . in a word, CELEBRATE!…View Article

Eat Like the Pros

You might not play like the pros, but you can eat like them! Last year Nancy was given a copy of Par 3, Tea Times at the Masters cookbook, which contains several recipes from famous Masters golfers. We’ve featured some of our favorites…View Article


When we think about February, we think about Valentine’s Day, chocolate fudge, and red roses. But let’s face it, there is more than chocolate fudge to choose from so let’s get started changing that mind set!…View Article

One good party a year is really not enough … so celebrate, celebrate, celebrate all year with these great martini glass ideas and skid through this year sideways screaming “What a Year!”…View Article

It’s time to put our attention on “Big Thursday.” That’s right. The “Big Thursday” that calls us to turkey, dressing, and all of the trimmings. We’ll show you how…View Article