If you work from 9 to 5 somewhere, you’ll need take advantage of your crock pot. Once you discover the many time saving ways to use it, you will leave it on the counter permanently. Here are several great time-saving crock pot recipes to help you face the time-consuming work week . . .View Article

Hosting Showers

May and June are two popular wedding months, which also makes it a popular time to host a shower or party honoring the engaged couple. Read Nancy’s complete 4-week plan and menu for throwing the best wedding shower ever. . ..View Article

Café Rivera is a comfortable, relaxed place where you can get a cup of coffee or a complete gourmet meal. Bruce and Lucinda Rivera opened Café Rivera at 117 East Poinsett Street in downtown Greer in January 2008 and haven’t looked back. . .View Article

At the beginning of each year, we all see advertisements promoting things you should do for a better you. This article is about super foods for super women. In order to feel good in your own skin at every age, your skin needs to feel good! So here are the 10 things every woman should include in her diet, regularly. . .View Article

Taste of Italy

On a recent trip to Italy, I discovered that the wine is revered, the food is delectable, the people are friendly, and that I hated to leave!. . .View Article

We look forward to the holidays because we come together as family and share great food and great memories. As William Butler Yeats, (1865-1939) said, “We must laugh and we must sing. We are blest by everything.” Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. . .View Article

Whether it’s oysters from the sea or sushi with seaweed, all is great at the “House” on Poinsett Street in downtown Greer. . .View Article

Big Thursday Story

Big Thursday has changed some since that first Thursday in November in 1980, but it continues to attract people to work for the cause and the amount of money it brings in to Community Ministries is still amazing. . .View Article

So fall is here and nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven and Pillsbury® says it best. Let’s begin with what could be part of a fall weekend brunch…..View Article

The kids are getting ready to go back to school and we are anticipating football season beginning, but until that morning rush begins, we are going to enjoy every minute of the long, hot summer. For some reason, we love to cook out in the summer….View Article