Meet Nancy Welch

About Nancy

Nancy Welch is a published author, public speaker and workshop instructor. Whether it’s cooking demonstrations, interior design workshops, speaking of business networking, life balance, or her days as an Innkeeper, she has her audience mesmerized from start to finish. Nancy is a gifted speaker, always topical, and always entertaining.

As a published author, Nancy has written two cookbooks, a humourous book, multiple articles, and is a monthly contributing editor to GreerNow Magazine. Nancy holds a Doctor of Education in Career and Technology Education as well as a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Clemson University. Additionally, Nancy is a Civil Mediator.

Nancy Welch, author, speaker, instructor

Buy Nancy’s Books

Nancy’s new cookbook, A Taste of Humor Cookbook, is available in both hardcover and paperback. Nancy has combined some of her favorite recipes and some of her equally favorite stories into a cookbook you can use to prepare meals for family and friends.

Nancy’s three cookbooks and humourous book can be found in and around Greer, or may be ordered online.